Student Survey EEE/CSE 120 Digital Design Fundamentals

We are interested in your opinions regarding the EEE/CSE 120 Digital Design Fundamentals course.
Please provide your candid responses to the following items of this anonymous survey.

Please choose ...

SA = Strongly Agree
A = Agree
N = Neither Agree nor Disagree
D = Disagree
SD = Strongly Disagree

1. I want to continue taking engineering courses.

2. After graduation I want to become an engineer.

Specify what type, select from pull-down menu:
3. I think that I am doing well in this course.

4. I have good math skills.

5. I have good science knowledge.

6. I am good at applying math and science to real-world problems.

7. I like working in teams.

8. I perform well on teams.

9. Creative thinking is one of my strengths.

10. I am skilled at solving problems that can have multiple solutions.


11. Math skills are important for engineers.

12. Science knowledge is important for engineers.

13. Ability to apply math and science principles to real-world problems
is important for engineers.
14. Ability to perform on teams is important for engineers.

15. The quality of instruction by faculty is good.

16. There are enough opportunities to interact with faculty.

17. The quality of instruction by teaching assistants is good.

18. There are enough opportunities to interact with teaching assistants.

19. The computer facilities at the IT sites are good.

20. The library services are good.


21. The classroom facilities are good.

22. The tutoring services are good.

23. The academic advising is good.


The hardware lab facilities are good.

25. The software lab facilities are good.

26. I feel stressed about the course load for this class.

27. This is a worthwhile course.

28. This is an enjoyable course.

29. I learn a lot in this course.

30. The lecture is difficult.

    SA A N D SD
31. Learning the materials in the lecture requires a lot of effort.

32. The hardware lab is difficult.

33. Learning the materials in the hardware lab requires a lot of effort.

34. The simulation lab is difficult.

35. Learning the materials in the simulation lab requires a lot of effort.

36. I prefer to be graded on demos for all simulation labs.
37. I prefer to be graded on lab reports for all simulation labs

Have you considered dropping/withdrawing from this course?
If yes, please select reason(s).
a. Course is too hard/difficult

b. Coursework is too time consuming

c. Course is not interesting

d. Conflict with other classes

e. Being unable to "catch up" after missed class(es)

f. Difficulties paying tuition

g. Conflict with work/job

h. Conflict with family responsibilities

i. Other reasons, please specify

Rate the difficulty of the following course components from 1 = very easy to 5 = very difficult
    1 2 3 4 5
  a. Lectures

  b. Homework

  c. Software lab: Building, debugging, and executing simulations

  d. Software lab: Report writing

  e. Hardware lab: Breadboard/benchwork

  f. Hardware lab: Report writing

On average, how many hours/week do you spend on
  a. Preparing, attending, and reviewing lectures

  b. Completing homework

  c. Building, debugging, and executing simulation labs (in a sim. lab week)

  d. Report writing for simulation lab

  e. Breadwork/benchwork for hardware lab (in a HW lab week)

  f. Report writing for hardware lab

Please enter any questions and/or comments about this course or the curriculum below.

Demographic Information:
a. Age

b. Gender

  c. Ethnicity

  d. Major

  e. Year at School

  f. Time Taking EEE120

  g. GPA (if available)

  h. How many credit hours do you take this semester?

  i. How many hours (job) do you work per week this semester?

  j. How many miles do you have to commute to campus?