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Computing is Everywhere!

From fridges to bridges, from stoves to gloves - today's devices are all interconnected and use their resources to help us thrive in an information-driven society. CPS 101 is an introductory course - you do not need any prerequisites, other than an inquisitive mindset, a computer with Internet access, and the Chrome browser installed.

In this course, you will become familiar with the programmable world around you with a variety of examples and exercises that follow the scientific method and are based on sensing the environment, processing sampled data, and drawing conclusions through programming the Micro:Bit device (we use v2 for twice the fun).

The STEM fields all include more and more computing-centric tasks, and this course will show you some of the many advantages of using high level programming in your future discipline as well as the limitations that arise from observing natural phenomenon and their subsequent processing. Are you more the artsy type? How about embedding some interactive tasks in your next art design or bringing your fashion designs to life?

No matter where your future journey will lead you, chances are that you will not escape some form of computing in your education and future career. This course will prepare you for what's ahead.

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Course Outline

A gentle introduction into general and scientific computing.

(While having fun doing unscientific things!)

Visual Programming

Visually design your programs using drag & drop.

Scientific Method

Learn how to use programs to test your hypotheses!

Interpret Data

See if the data you get is the data you need!

Plug and Play

Connect your device and yourself to other students and the world!


This course is online!


Hands-on parts 60%
Quizzes/exams 40%

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